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Director - Larkin donley

Larkin Donley is a Los Angeles based emmy award-winning cinematographer in VR and 2D narrative and documentary filmmaking.

His works in feature, commercial, and short form have made waves at SXSW, Sundance, DOCNYC and many other festivals around the world. His Emmy was awarded for ‘Innovative Technology’ on the 2016 coverage of The NBA finals in stereo VR titled, “Follow my Lead.” With the technical knowhow and a unique eye for dynamic visual storytelling, Larkin is highly sought out for his abilities in 2D, 3D and VR.


Larkin’s work on lensing the Film “Animals” was recognized at SXSW with a jurors award and articles in Indiewire, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and Complex Magazine to name a few.

He also recently received 100% on rottentomatoes.com for his film “Food Evolution,” a 2-year international study of the future of food science.


Now pursuing his passion of immersive and creative new forms of narrative, Larkin works with many well known brands as Oculus, NASA, Nike, Microsoft, Bud Light, Samsung, T-mobile, Facebook and many more. 

Larkin is a California native with an expansive collection of passport stamps.

He began his cinematography career after graduating from UCSC with degrees in Film Production and Cultural Anthropology, passionately pursuing a way to tell stories from all corners of the planet.


With Documentary as a background, there is always an option to make a day fascinating or a location beautiful. Larkin has a dynamic understanding of the tools of the trade, having been an avid collector of photo and film cameras and also from years as a local 600 IATSE member. 


Strength in Numbers_ The 2017 NBA Finals

Skating Through Obstacles

Hannah Marissa VR

Fearless scuba divers explore abandoned nuclear missile silo in VR

Extraordinary gator feeding frenzy in 360

Experience The Moment_ Snowboard with Olympian Ayumu Hirano