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member of GPN network SOUTH KOREA / AUSTRALIA

night view of BUSAN - 2nd biggest city in KOREA (SOUTH)


Compass Production Korea

Compass Production Korea is owned and operated by Korean born Tony Choi, who's been deeply involved in the film industry since 1993. And with that many years of work comes a wide variety of experiences; from music videos, documentaries and even full feature films.

Before moving to Seoul, Korea, Compass Production was located in the heart of the film industry in Hollywood USA. This helped Tony understand the intricacies of the industry, bringing that experience and expertise to his

current headquarters. His time in USA helped him to understand the unique needs of foreign client. It's why Compass Production is the only production company in Korea dedicated to foreign work with a proven track record for success. And together with his highly experienced staff, Tony Choi is providing the Korean film industry with high quality services that only he can deliver.

Since 2016 Compass Production became a part of the GPN network for South Korea.

Previous clients:

Adidas, Nike, Samsung, Hyundai, Crocs, Chevorlet, Google, SK-II, LG, KIA, Foot-joy, Apple, Guinness



Art & Science, MJZ, M ss ng P eces, Furlined, A White Label, B-Reel, Tool, Commonwealth, Innocean USA, RG/A,

The Martin Agency, Moxie film, Looking Glass Film, Indy 8, Hungryman, The Bridge co, AMVBBDO, Untold studio


About Korea

Korea is a hidden gem for production. Being a small country with a wide variety of different terrain, it’s quite possible to shoot from a mountain location to a river, ocean, beach all in a single day. It’s an affordable and efficient place to shoot for good value for tight budgets.

Korea’s filming regulations aren’t as strict or harshly enforced as other countries. Shooting permits can be obtained reasonably fast for most locations (7-10 days for drone permits). And many issues can be avoided
with a smile and a little common sense.

It also helps that the Korean film industry is fast paced and agile. Allowing you to get a lot more done in a quicker and more efficient way than most other countries.