Compass is a full service production company based in Seoul, Korea. We are a vibrant team led by Tony Choi, with rich experiences since 1993, delivering high quality productions for global clients on projects including advertising campaigns, music videos, documentaries to full feature films and more. 

Global projects have been at the core of our business and fluid communications and localisation are our biggest strength. We are made up of a team of bilingual staff and our services cover all aspects of executing productions.

Faced with challenges to operate in the current global pandemic and to collaborate across borders, Compass has strived to manage every stage of the production flow from planning to execution and delivering the final outcome by offering realistic solutions with a hands-on approach.

Before moving to Seoul, Korea, Compass was based in the heart of filmmaking in Los Angeles USA. It was during this time where digital media production became more evident in the industry and Compass has developed and broadened services unique to the global digital spectrum.