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Film Set

Production Service


We can provide full-scale film production service suited to your business’ every need. We will cast roles and extras, scout and prepare the locations, provide the technical crew and equipment of cameramen and lighting, as well as everything else regarding the production. This means that we are accountable for the process and want to make sure that you, as a client, are comfortable throughout the production.


Korea is a hidden gem for production. Being a small country with a wide variety of different terrain, it’s quite possible to shoot from a mountain location to a river, ocean, beach all in a single day. It’s an affordable and efficient place to shoot for good value for tight budgets. 



When you have to film a small production in Korea, you will be in need of a dedicated production fixer. Our Fixer will help with the arrangements of everything throughout the process.We are experienced and are able to help your production project. With our organizational skills, your project will run smoothly.
If you need more than a fixer, but also need everything else around the production, then our full-scale.

Photography Shoot


We have many networks with photographers in Korea. We can offer the right photographer for your project and provide production service for the photoshoot in Korea.

Remote Shoot


We can provide a remote working system for pre-production meetings, video streaming in real-time, and wi-fi network communication.

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